Norwegian Web Sites  – Put in a name or parish and see what comes up!
– Borgos is a historian and writer of local history.  Especially interesting is his list of farms.  The site has a helpful Index and indicates what is written in Norwegian, English, or both.
– Norway is the first country to put all church records on the internet as a public service from the National Archives of Norway.  Here you can search in transcribed source material for free. By clicking on “English”, one can read the site in English. Some of the features are:

The Debate forums – The Users’ Forum is designed for questions you want to ask other users, e.g. information on persons, place names, entries in “bygdebøker”, etc.  You will receive an answer in the language in which you asked the question.

The census records of 1801, 1865, 1875, and 1900 can be searched. Something new in progress;  they hope to connect most names with other records for the same person in the vast database in Bergen!

Useful links – lists index headings of: Institutions, Sources, Literature, Foreign, Geography, Norway, Articles

Digitised parish registers –  Search for a parish by name.  Change the image size to full 100% so you can read it easily.  Start with confirmation records rather than birth or baptisms. Confirmation records give lots of detail about parents, where born, etc.

Dissenters’ birth records – those who joined other churches e.g. became Baptists, etc.

Migration records – going out and coming in to parishes

Photo album of farms – There have been pictures submitted of farms in the 1900 census.  There is a link in the album between the farm photo and the respective farm in the census list, so that one can find information on the farm and household. – over 25 sites of interest – Search passenger lists and emigrant ships from Norway Heritage.  This is a “work in progress.” – unfortunately only in Norwegian, but has included quite a few members of the clergy – with sources. – a great link to start.  Has farm, censuses, history immigration, naming practices and more
– a LDS site that has just about everything – A major site for Norwegian links – Norwegian culture online – culture in Norway – DAR of Norway

Documenting the Norwegian Censuses – Historical Norwegian Data Centre

Free Online Norwegian to English Translators Google (
and Bing ( also has translating sites

Genfind – Genealogy – Norway

Getting into the Norwegian census  – More on Norwegian censuses

Johan I. Borgos' heimeside – Interesting site in both English and Norwegian

Norsk Utvandrermuseum – The official site in the United States, includes
the following:

Norway – the official site in the United States

Norway Genealogy  A general Norwegian site

Norway Lookup Volunteers – Linda Schwartz – Reference books and volunteers – Frequently Asked Questions – Great site if you ask the right questions

Passenger lists 1825 – 1873, Norwegian emigrant search Norway Heritage site -Family
Search “How to” link My Norwegian heritage only in Norwegian