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You can begin with the home page. Select “Denmark” and fill in blanks.

This site will help you get started. Also explore other tabs such as “Library”

Example to explore:


Choose search.


The Danish Data Archives (DDA) is a national data bank for researchers and students in Denmark and abroad. The

DDA is an independent unit within the group of Danish National Archives.


Danish Demografisk Database (A unit within the Danish Data Archives).

You can search for individuals under the categories:

Censuses, Emigrants (leaving Denmark), Immigrants (entering Denmark) and

Other sources (Click on EMIGRANTS to get to the next web site.)


The Danish Emigration Archives. This page is the Search Menu page.

Click on home for other links available. The “Information” link has been printed. .Page 2 of 3 has valuable

information as to what is on web and “how” to search.


Danish Genealogical Resource page. This page has information you can obtain which is fee based. You can

purchase a book entitled “Beginning Danish Research”. Also has a link where you can post questions on a web

site. This web site is primarily for ancestors who are from the Schlesvig-Holstein area of Denmark.

Other important addresses and web sites of interest to genealogist or travelers.


Church Parishes in Denmark (Kirkesogne I Danmark)

This site is written in Danish. Click on the word, KIRKER for an alphabetical list of all churches in Denmark. (57


When you find the names of the churches in the towns you are looking for, you can click on the link if one is there.

If not, then go to Google and type in the name of the church.


“Statens Arkiver” – Danish State Archives on line. This site links to Parish Registers and Population Censuses

available on line. You are required to fill in a user profile but the site is free of charge.

Click on the Brugerprofil (User Profile) and fill in the blanks to begin. (Printed page with translation included in




You will need some working knowledge of Danish.

9. http://

Web site lists all MUSEUMS in Denmark. Click on link to museum of interest.


Use Google or other web sites to find places.

Example: Toreby Kirke (My grandfather’s church)

Example: Church of Our Savior, Copenhagen (Vor Frelsers Kirke)


The link page to all photographed cemeteries in Denmark.


Danish Websites:

I recommend downloading the Google toolbar—It usually offers to translate pages.  Some pages offer English, but may only take you back to the first page.   has English choice at bottom.  Choose “Use the Archive” (English choice).  In selecting arkivalietype – choices are

church records


switches (probate records)  (Too hard!)

Click  Find Laegdsruller

Lægdsruller and søruller are records of the men could be printed for military service in the army or navy. The rollers can be used to follow the men’s movements or to be informed by the entity in the military conscription was completed compulsory . It is not straightforward to work with lægdsruller . There are many things you have to be aware of. And you ‘ll have to use a number of tools . On Arkivalieronline find lægdsruller from the central printing authorities. These lægdsruller covering the whole country , including Copenhagen ( 1789-1932 ) . Furthermore you can find Copenhagen lægdsruller from local authorities


Copenhagen switches (probate)

civil marriages from Copenhagen, Friedricksberg & Gentoft

Fire Insurance includes building descriptions & year of construction of a property

Family Law cases in Copenhagen re: adoption, divorce, paternity

Property Details:  In the Land Registration info on easements and property changes of ownership.

Number books from Hornsung & Moller who made grand pianos from 1827 to 1972  leads you to the census lists and the parish records Hannes Genealogy Pages   These people have translated some of the church records and probate—or even just identified sections in English and come up with an index in a few counties and towns.  Check & see if helps you—it helped me!  Search a large number of photographed records from from local archives, provincial archives and Ntl archives.  Tried searching Ebeltoft—these are scanned, typed pages. These are the emigration archives.  I ended up searching using last parish & county, then the state they were coming to, to finally catch my people.  The names are pretty tricky and they use abbreviations & stuff, so getting it right isn’t as likely—but worth trying.  My people used only their patronymic names, not their unsual surname Ring.  Then I saw they were the only ones going to Carpenter, IA, though it was translated JA. Dansk Demographic Database.  They have census records, probate index for Thisted, Viborg, Aalborg, & Randers counties, lots of weird little databases.  I couldn’t find my Randers people in the probate index…  This is the DIS-Danmark, the Danish Genealogical Society.  Google translate helps a lot.  Under Shortcuts; Sources, you can access the census records, the church books plus the Digital Sources info is great and leads you to indexes of some of the church book (which you can translate into English).  They have a portal for unidentified pictures.  They have pictures of church paintings.  They have the 1930 census Kildeportalen.  They have a family forum you can post on to reach other relatives or find help with your research.