Dahl, Kjell Ola

  • (F) The Fourth Man – A story of the dark underworld of Oslo.

Dregni, Eric (Norwegian-American author)

  • (NF) In Cod We Trust – Stories of Dregni’s family’s yearlong Norwegian experience.

Egelant, Jan

  • (NF) A Billion Lives – Humanitarian faces the world in crisis.

Fossum, Karn

  • (F) The Indian Bride – Gunder Jomann is waiting for his bride who is due from India, but where is she?  The town of Elvestad is stunned when the bride is found murdered.

Gaarder, Jostein

  • (F) The Solitaire Mystery – A Modern-day odyssey filled with magic, and meaning, fantasy and truth.

Hamsun, Knut

  • (F) Growth of the Soil – Epic vision of peasant life in Norway’s back country. Winner of Nobel Prize for Literature.

Howarth, David (English author)

  • (NF) We Die Alone – Epic WWII story of escape from Nazi-occupied arctic Norway and endurance.

Nesbø, Jo

  • (F) The Redbreast – A detective in Oslo is drawn into a mystery with roots in Norway’s dark past.

Petterson, Per

  • (F) Out Stealing Horses – An account of a turning point in a man’s life.  Winner of the INternational IMPAC Dublin Literary Award.

Snelling, Lauraine (US author)

  • (F) Red River of the North series – The promise of free land lures the Bjorklands from Norway to the Dakota Territory.
  • (F) The Return to Red River series – Will the territory nurture the dreams of their young, or will it fence them in?
  • (F) Daughter of Blessing series – More stories of the people of the Dakota Territory
  • (F) Home to Blessings series

Torvik, Solveig

  • (F)Nikolai’s Fortune – An engrosing story told by three women in Finland, Norway and Idaho, USA.

Unset, Sigrid

  • (F) Kristin Lavransdatter – A trilogy about life in Scandinavia in the Middle Ages.  The book portrays the life of a woman from birth to death.  Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, translation by Tina Nunnally.
  • (NF) Return to the Future – The journal of her flight to freedom during WWII.

Strømme, Peer O.

  • (F) Halvor – The fictionalized autobiography of Peer O. Strømme’s (1856-1921) pioneer life in Wisconsin.

Vida, Vendela (US author)

  • (F) Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name – A story about a women searching for her past in Lapland.