Empie, Arlene Sundquist

  • (NF) The Legacy of Ida Lillbroända – The story of a young immigrant woman to America from Finland and her new life in the West.

Hietamies, Laila (after 2004 known as Laila Hirvisaari)

  • (F)  Red Moon Over White Sea – This book depicts the experiences of the people of Karella at the beginning of the 20th century.

Oksanen, Sofi

  • (F) Purge – A history of Estonia and 50 years of oppressive Soviet rule.  This could be a story that happened in Finland.  Suggested viewing along with this book is the DVD – “The Singing Revolution” – the story of how the people of Estonia during the oppressive Soviet rule kept their heritage alive by gathering to sing their patriotic songs.

Tuuri, Antti

  • (NF) The Winter War – A tribute to the Finnish soldiers in the 105 day war of November 1939.