December 8th Meeting Announcement

December is our traditional holiday party.  Everyone brings some food to share and we have a good time.  If you have an ornament or decoration with a “story,” bring that along, too, for story time.  We will meet as usual in the Puget Sound Archive Building on the Bellevue College campus from 10 a.m. to noon.  Contact Sandy Arildson (425-747-5621) for a parking pass.

No one has been able to step forward to take over the reins of our Scandinavian Interest Group.  Therefore, our December party will also be a farewell party for our SIG group.  Perhaps sometime in the future the Scandinavian Interest Group can be brought to life again.




About scandinaviansig

Home of the Eastside Scandinavian interest group
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One Response to December 8th Meeting Announcement

  1. aaronjhill says:

    I would love to be added to the email list, if there is one.

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